Updated Sun Jun 25 22:15:27 BST 2017

My Instruments

Below are pictures and descriptions of my instruments. Click on the images or instrument names to see more details.

I will add more pictures and details as time allows.


Head Design

Brown Classical Guitar Head.

Observant readers will notice that the headstock on those instruments which have a guitar-type head with tuning machines (mandolin, guitar etc.) have the end of the headstock shaped like a letter B (yes, for Brown!) with the central portions of the B being inlaid with mother of pearl. This was not possible on the traditional dulcimer head so an ebony B was attached to the strum hollow.

Current Project

I am currently working on a solid electric guitar. At the moment the design is:

  • Double cutaway
  • Dual humbucker

Possible options:

  • Coil switching
  • Serial/Parallel switching (coils)
  • Serial/Parallel switching (dual HBs)
  • Phase switching (coils)
  • Phase switching (dual HBs)

It is unlikely that all options will be included.

Pictures and more details as soon as...