Web Site Accessibility

Updated Mon Jun 26 14:25:06 BST 2017


I endeavour to make all web pages on this site accessible using normal browsers, text-only browsers, and talking browsers. If you have problems accessing the information on a particular page, or have suggestions as to how accessibility could be improved, please contact me using the Al Brown Contact Form (at the bottom of every page), describing the page and accessibility problem.

Pseudo Text Only Mode

Visually impaired users, those using keyboard control rather than a mouse, or those using a talking browser such as pwWebSpeak or BrowseAloud may find switching style sheets Off to be advantageous. This will linearise the page. All images have "ALT Text" which audio browsers can use in place of images.

Mobile Browsers and Small Screen Devices

This web site may display better on some mobile browsers (e.g. smartphones and other handheld devices) if the mobile browser is set to use column view (if available), or an alternative stylesheet is selected using the links in the menu or those below. Turning style sheets off will linearise the page.